Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tequila Shots and Clothing Swaps

Our first ever tequila party and clothing swap will be going down this Saturday, October 20 at Celia's #1.

The swap was inspired by a friend of ours, Angie Paglino. Angie is a local resident and style blogger.

One night, while we were talking stories at the cantina, Angie shared an idea with us. She had a recent revelation: how women, from a young age, are brain washed by media and societal expectations to drain not only their money but also their confidence; she calls it "The Bradshaw Effect." Read more about it here.

Mass marketing and it's influence on individuals & society as a whole is a topic I have had on my mind for awhile - Angie's story resonated with me. Sociology as well as psychology has always been an interest in our family - to think of the intricate reasons and variables that influence us on why we do what we do has always teased my imagination.

Societal views and expectations of what a woman should be are gradually changing, but the bombardment from propaganda and media is still influencing young people to have eating disorders and a variety of other self-esteem related issues. As a matter of fact, a study connected a link between the rise of eating disorders in Japan and the rise of "Westernization" post WW II. "Without question, the rise in eating disorders in Japan correlated with increasing industrialization, urbanization, and the fraying of traditional family forms." Link to study.  

Needless to say we were very excited to collaborate with Angie on her project and fundraiser. We were planning on having a tequila party this month and the idea of swapping clothes while sipping margaritas and fine tequila sounded fantastic.  Our grandparents, Celia and Perfecto Lopez, taught us to give back... Why not do so while enjoying oneself? The event will be one of many "Good Times for a Good Cause."

When: Saturday October 20. Clothing swap begins at 3:30. Hornitos Fiesta is 7:00 - 9:00. Tequila specials all night.
Where: Celia's by the Beach 4019 Judah Street, San Francisco CA 94122
Details: Cleanse your closet of cluster, bring the clothes you don't wear anymore - washed and pressed.

We will be donating $1 to the Princess Project for every margarita sold before 7:00 pm. From 7:00 - 9:00 Hornitos is hosting a tequila party for our familia and there will be good deals on drinks and shots.

We will have a different tequila discount every hour we are opened as well as discounts on flights.

We hope to see you there amigos and lets go Gigantes!

Celia's Familia


  1. Love yall! Thank you so much for such a great write up and all of your support. This is going to be an awesome event! I can't wait.