Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cinco de Mayo at Celia's by the Beach

Join us Sunday, May 5 as we celebrate the Mexican victory over the French known today as The Battle of La Puebla. In a classic David versus Goliath scenario 8,000 well armed French soldiers went to battle against 4,00 poorly equipped Mexican soldiers. Outnumbered 2 to 1, a Mexican victory did not seem likely - yet on May 5, 1862 the Mexican army defeated the French with grit and determination. The battle was significant not only for the Mexican resistance and Mexican morale, but also for the United States. By halting the French at La Puebla the Mexican army denied the plans of Napoleon III to give aid in the Civil War to the Confederate south. By doing so, the United States was able to build a strong army and crush the south.

It is important to keep the spirit and to honor the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo alive. It is not only a day to drink, eat and be merry but to also remember our ties to our fellow South Americans.

In honor of this historically significant day, Celia's by the Beach will have beer + tequila specials, food in abundance and live Mariachi music for your pleasure! Viva Mexico!

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!" -Emiliano Zapata

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day by the Beach

Who says you've got to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's day? And who says you must celebrate at an Irish bar!? Join us this Saturday, March 16 for a St. Patrick's Day fiesta at Celia's by the Beach. 

The St. Patrick's Day San Francisco Parade will be going on until 5:00 pm - swing on by afterwards for some great deals on drinks and delicious food specials:

$2 Coronas
$5 Jameson
$5 House Margaritas
$9 Green Expresso Burritos

Wear green and receive a free shooter at the bar - see you this weekend amigos!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

National Margarita Day by the Beach

This Friday, February 22, is National Margarita Day. Did you know that margarita translates to "daisy" in espanol?

Over at Celia's by the Beach our margaritas have been called many things, daisy not being one of them . . . we've heard delicious (duh), the "baby-makers", dangerous, addictive, dreamy and down right fantastic! Margarita's have been a large part of our family's heritage and we look forward to celebrating this staple of the Mexican food experience with you. The margarita is the most widely known cocktail world wide and in celebration we will be having a "make your own" margarita bar:
  • Choose your tequila
  • Juices
  • Purees
  • Simple syrups
  • Floats
  • Fruits
That is the beauty of the the margarita - at it's most basic level it is delicious and lends itself to customization. Join us at Celia's by the Beach in celebration of National Margarita Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Celia + Perfecto's Love Story

While Celia and Perfecto Lopez spent their last years together in San Francisco, they first met in a little town called La Questa, over 2,000 miles south of the Bay Area. . .

   'The dust kicked up as the horses trotted along a dry dirt road in Jalisco - Mexico. The sun hung high in            front of the local supermercado where Celia Rodriguez worked.The supermercado was a pit stop for weary travelers and locals alike. Celia was charismatic her whole life and very natural with people. Many suitors would visit Celia at the supermercado, but one had caught her eye especially. He was no more than 5 foot 5 but stood like a gigante. His name was Perfecto Lopez, and it was love at first sight. With much love and respect, Celia and Perfecto remained together for over 60 years. With their family on their backs, they were able to achieve and share the American dream here in the Sunset of San Francisco.'

Their story is one of true romance and perseverance and has always inspired me. Lately, I've been going through some old photos of my grandparents. Its charming how photos can reignite old memories and emotions that may of laid dormant for decades. The photos were a beautiful reminder of how strong Celia and Perfecto's bond was and still is. As I searched the piles of photos, I was reminded of times of joy and times of struggle. - Phil Havlicek


Join us in celebrating the ones you love, February 14 Valentines Day. Enjoy love inspired food and drink specials (along with our regular menu):
Chiles en Nogada
Grilled Pasilla Chiles stuffed with picadillo cooked with pears, apples, plantains and almonds fried in an egg batter and coated with a creamy Nogada sauce, all topped with crunchy pomegranate seeds. 
Hints of spice compliment a tender and sweet picadillo. The creamy Nogada sauce gives a sweet and nutty dynamic to the dish. Served with rice and beans.
Love Potions 
Sparkling wine and chilled pomegranate tequila served with an orange zest.
Besitos Red Wine
Sparkling Toast and Chocolate Strawberries

Celia's by the Beach - 4019 Judah Street, San Francisco CA
Walk-ins welcomed 
Make a reservation and receive a free sparkling toast with your dinner!
Call 415-759-8741 or e-mail phil@sfcelias.com

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Bowl Fiesta by the Beach

First the Giants win the World Series and now the Forty Niners are in the Superbowl. Who would have thought that San Francisco would have this opportunity to bring in two World titles. ¡Incre√≠ble! The energy in San Francisco will be palpable - just like during the world series. Check out the last pitch of the world series at Celia's #1:

Good times.

A great legacy and history we 49er fans have. In the 70s and 80s the Niners had great coaching and were full of young talent and energy along with a few older and experienced players - similar to the team we have now. The Montana era and Young era yielded 5 Superbowl titles. Since then it has been difficult at times to be a forty-niners fan. Now, though, the opportunity to win another Superbowl and re-affirm ourselves as the premier franchise in the NFL has got a lot of excitement and buzz going on in San Francisco.

Come join us as we watch Kaepernick, Gore, Smith and the gang take on the Ravens on Superbowl Sunday. Below is the menu and drink specials we will be offering for the game:

Quesadillas $5.95 cheese | $7.45 meat
Chimichanguitas $6.95
Nachos Rancheros $9.75
Combo appetizer $9.75
5 Layer dip $6.50

$2 Coronas & Coors
$6 Jameson & Corralejo
$19 pitchers

We'll also be giving out t-shirts and other fun prizes during the game for all who join.

Doors open at 1:00 pm. Bring you friends and come join our familia as we cheer on our Forty Niners!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Bash by the Beach

Whether it is your final destination or your first stop, come by for a costume party at Celia's by the Beach on Saturday, October 27.

Food Special
Chicharrón tacos w/ avocado relish, lime, re-fried black beans, queso seco, and Mexican rice.

Drink Specials
$2.00 off cocktails
$6.00 Moscow Mules

Face painting 4:30 - 6:00
Costume contest with prizes for top 5 costumes:

  1. World series gear
  2. iPod nano
  3. Tequila tasting
  4. Celia's gift certificate
  5. Gigantes Shirt

We look forward to seeing you there, familia!

Tequila Shots and Clothing Swaps

Our first ever tequila party and clothing swap will be going down this Saturday, October 20 at Celia's #1.

The swap was inspired by a friend of ours, Angie Paglino. Angie is a local resident and style blogger.

One night, while we were talking stories at the cantina, Angie shared an idea with us. She had a recent revelation: how women, from a young age, are brain washed by media and societal expectations to drain not only their money but also their confidence; she calls it "The Bradshaw Effect." Read more about it here.

Mass marketing and it's influence on individuals & society as a whole is a topic I have had on my mind for awhile - Angie's story resonated with me. Sociology as well as psychology has always been an interest in our family - to think of the intricate reasons and variables that influence us on why we do what we do has always teased my imagination.

Societal views and expectations of what a woman should be are gradually changing, but the bombardment from propaganda and media is still influencing young people to have eating disorders and a variety of other self-esteem related issues. As a matter of fact, a study connected a link between the rise of eating disorders in Japan and the rise of "Westernization" post WW II. "Without question, the rise in eating disorders in Japan correlated with increasing industrialization, urbanization, and the fraying of traditional family forms." Link to study.  

Needless to say we were very excited to collaborate with Angie on her project and fundraiser. We were planning on having a tequila party this month and the idea of swapping clothes while sipping margaritas and fine tequila sounded fantastic.  Our grandparents, Celia and Perfecto Lopez, taught us to give back... Why not do so while enjoying oneself? The event will be one of many "Good Times for a Good Cause."

When: Saturday October 20. Clothing swap begins at 3:30. Hornitos Fiesta is 7:00 - 9:00. Tequila specials all night.
Where: Celia's by the Beach 4019 Judah Street, San Francisco CA 94122
Details: Cleanse your closet of cluster, bring the clothes you don't wear anymore - washed and pressed.

We will be donating $1 to the Princess Project for every margarita sold before 7:00 pm. From 7:00 - 9:00 Hornitos is hosting a tequila party for our familia and there will be good deals on drinks and shots.

We will have a different tequila discount every hour we are opened as well as discounts on flights.

We hope to see you there amigos and lets go Gigantes!

Celia's Familia